Do you ever find sleeping beauty a bit strange?

I mean, it is a fairy tale and things are often ‘UNREALISTIC’ in Fairy Tales, but for the celebration of Aurora’s Birth, if the palace didn’t have enough of the china, then why didn’t they just use a different plate? Surely they knew that not inviting the Black Fairy would cause a problem!!
And the other thing. On Aurora’s 16th year, why would the King and Queen go a trip with out her?
They would have known that she was sixteen and was going to venture off and prick her finger. So technically, out of those two mistakes that turned into problems, the 100 year sleep is the King and Queen’s fault.

And TWO more tiny weird questions…
If fairy tales are real then one, where do they all take place?
And two, if Sleeping Beauty’s whole kingdom slept for 100 years, when they woke up they were 100 years behind? Which means if it is true, then her Kingdom is still living in the early 1900’s!
Did sleeping beauty get to tell people she was 116 when she woke up?



In almost every fairy tale out there, the man is either in charge\or the hero of the women. The Men vs Mermaids is about how Mermaids are the only ones in true fairy tales that have power over men. Some say a mermaid or a rusalki is the spirit of a Russian woman in her first and last free moment. The story is, a Tussian woman wore her hair in one long braid when she was under the control of her father and two braids when she was under the control of her husband. When she was walking to the church on her wedding day she could wear her hair down until she reached the church where they would put her hair in two braids. When she was walking she was free, No longer under the control of her father but not yet under the control of her husband. This was the prime moment to run and drown her self. Then she would become a mermaid and that is why mermaids have long never cut hair. A mermaid has no one in control of her. They say a mermaid would be so mad at men that she would taunt them with her beauty and then once close enough wrap her tail around him and pull him to the bottom of the sea where she would drown him. The men had no chance against a mermaid. But try to think of a fairy tale that dosent have a man as the hero. snow white, sleeping beauty, ON AND ON AND ON!!!

I would like to transform all those fairy tales and make the women strong enough to rescue themselves!